The Lobby Icon for Destinction

Park View District 23 is located far from Boston in the Northorn Part of the United States. The Map is to be known as Destinction, and is apart of the Scattered Realms Zombies Project. The Map includes the main characters from the Scattered Realms Project, as well as a complete Custom Map. The Map is based on a Division 20 Facility Hideout in which was taken before the building was going to be built for public education purpouses, and contains 4 levels. This map is often familiar to Der Eisendrach and the map also contains a pool area withen the lower level (which players are able to swim into) relating towards the system in Zetsubou No Shima. The Mystery Box contains weapons seen in Reh Tsol as well as the new wonder weapon, The HEX-S.TEX 981. Power is required in this map, however, there is also a new type of activation required as well, called 115 Power-Lines. 115 Power Lines are used to open specific doors, and use other interactables, which is also required to complete the main easter egg. The Easter Egg songs of this map are Dead Again: Theretical Version by Elena Siegmen, 115 Theretical Version by Elena Siegmen, and the Main Easter Egg Song, "Dead Again (Destinction)" By Angel Gonzalez (A Parody version of Der Eisendrach's Easter Egg Song) More information reguarding this map will be updated in time.